Vegan Treats

Harness the complete harvest of each full moon with a crafted box full of luxurious health. My desserts are Vegan, Gluten- Free, Soy-free.  These delicacies come in the form of truffles, energy bites, or superfood fudges.

What you’ll get:
$13 for 6 pieces
$20 for 12
-includes intention for each Full Moon. Note: must have order placed and paid by the New Moon of each month.

Cannabis Cuisine

Cannabis is not just some unconscious drug, but a natural way to treat many ailments. Learn how to recieve this powerful healing plant. I will come ot your home and share the recipe into turning your medicine into luxurious health. This service is provided a few ways: Making butter or oil, recipe sharing, or snacks.

What I can offer:
FREE Skype or Google Hangouts consultation call
FREE followup call


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Gain clarity in your decision making ability with an inutitive soul reading with me. hese readings are done with a little help from the fae using tarot cards.

What to expect:
$25 for 30 minutes, 5-7 cards
-Reflect on a troubling issue or challenge that weighs on you.